Saturday, February 18, 2012

Offseason Review: Kansas City Royals

Future MVP Eric Hosmer's first big league hit
The Royals, much like the Indians, made some fast moves in the earliest parts of the offseason and then dropped off. Also like the Indians, the Royals have to be strategic and timely with their investments. If they throw too much money at someone at a time when they can't compete, it's going to be paralyze them when they could. If they get too impulsive and trade a key player like Eric Hosmer or Alex Gordon, they could throw any immediate future relevance away.

Admittedly, I've been on the Royals bandwagon for awhile now. I'm going to probably exhibit bias here, because I think the Royals management deserves it. Drafting Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Wil Myers and Bubba Starling, and trading for prospects like Jake Odorizzi have provided a future foundation for a possible legacy team. If all of these prospects hypothetically reach their ceiling, it is going to be a force approximating Murderer's Row proportions. There. I said it.
Professional portrait of Eric Hosmer
So what did they do this offseason? Hardly anything. They signed a not risky one year contract with Jonathan Broxton for $4MM. They also traded Melky Cabrera to the offense starved San Francisco Giants who are total idiots and let Carlos Beltran walk. This trade rules because they acquired Jonathan Sanchez. Jonathan Sanchez came off of a rough season last year, but in my opinion SF gave up on him way too fast. Cabrera had career highs basically every offensive category, but he just isn't a prudent fit for the Royals just yet. Sanchez will be a good veteran presence for whoever ends up with Kansas City when their time comes, and believe me it will. If the 2010's end without at least one ring on Eric Hosmer's hand, I'd be totally shocked.
There are somethings that could go wrong. I think they need to trade the shit out of Joakim Soria before he hits free agency because some team is totally gonna spend a whole lot of money on that dude, and closer hype can net you some dope shit if you play your cards right. He's just a good example of the type of player that success can hinge on. I have faith that KC knows whats up and is poised for great things.

The Kouz'
That's pretty much it though. I'm not going to write about Kevin Kouzmanoff's minor league contract.

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