Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Contract Corner: Elvis Andrus, Jeff Suppan

2010 All Star Elvis Andrus
Yesterday the Texas Rangers and shortstop Elvis Andrus avoided arbitration by coming to an agreement on a three year 14.4MM contract. This is a pretty sensible contract, albeit questionable in necessity. The three year deal eats all of his arbitration seasons doesn't delay his free agency, so it kind of begs the question as to why this would even need to happen? With promising prospect Jurickson Profar waiting in the wings it seems a little premature to lock someone down at a position that's as difficult to draft suitors for as shortstop. Still, three years gives both players time to prove their  respective roles in the organization. If I had to guess, they wanted to lock proven all-star Elvis Andrus down in case his value increases without gambling a whole lot of cash.  All in all I'd say it's a win.

As a Brewer's fan seeing this dingus' face pisses me off, but I guess I get it. Depth is important for any franchise and it won't be bad for Padres coming up to get some pointers from ol' soup but don't expect much in terms of quality.  Apparently he'll make almost a mil if he makes the majors but given his close to 5 ERA last year in Kansas City's minors, I wouldn't count on it. You can pretty much copy and paste the review of this deal for Russell Branyan and Mike Cameron's contracts using mediocre offensive/defensive stats. Wasn't even thinking about the fact that they are all ex-Brewers.

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