Friday, February 3, 2012

Contract Corner: Todd Coffey

God damn you Dodgers and your taking all of my favorite mediocre ex-Brewer free agents! Relief pitcher and former National, Brewer and Red is now Dodger. After a pitiful 82-79 year for a team with a Cy Young award winning pitcher and deserving candidate for the NL MVP award, the Los Angeles Dodgers did an impressive job collecting forgettable free agents for no discernible reason.  Todd Coffey is now joins Chris Capuano and Jerry Hairston Jr as another not great ex-Brewer-now-Dodger who I still really liked for whatever reason.  I can't really make sense out of signings of players like this other than that they might serve as trade chips for low end prospects down the line, but to what end? I'd try and find the logic that's inherit in them not having an owner right now but that kind of got blasted to bits when I heard they made a huge run at Fielder. Oh well, whatever! Here's to you, Mr. Coffey. I hope the California sun casts beautifully over your giant belly at Dodger stadium as you make your mad dash from the bullpen.

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