Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Contract Corner: Bill Hall, Clayton Kershaw

Bill Hall

Usually I'd be full of snark about an aging, declining utility man (ex-Brewer nonetheless) but the Bill Hall to the Yankees contract seems pretty agreeable on both sides.  $600K base salary with $50K paid incentives for each 50 at bats from 100-250 and 100K payouts for each 50 at bats after that. Hall looked totally shitty last year splitting time with Houston and San Francisco with a .211/.261/.314 line, and two home runs.

So why invest at all? Here's my guess. The guy who looked forgettable to Houston last year is the same guy who had 85 hits and 18 HRs while playing in the AL East in 2010. Not a bad gamble at $600K for a vet who may be craving a ring.

2011 NL Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw

I love this gawky Cy Young award winning monster. I also almost don't even care what his contract is so long as it satisfies him and baits in an owner interested in keeping him around and winning championships. At the age of 23, Clayton Kershaw has already been in the majors for four seasons. In 2011 he earned the distinction of being voted the best pitcher in the National League. In a franchise where the pressure of pseudo-ownership of the psychotic McCourt family dissolved in to non-ownership, and the lack of incentive that comes with a losing team, Kershaw came up huge. The contract details are as follows: $500K signing bonus, $7.5 million in 2012 and $11 million in 2013. Not bad for either side. If you're inspired by horrible camera filters and HIGH OCTANE SPORTS HIGHLIGHTS!!! the video below is worth watching.

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