Friday, February 10, 2012

Contract Corner: Billy Beane's monster extension

no, no, no, no, no......
Billy Beane has been extended as the General Manager for the Oakland Athletics through the 2019 no no no bad bad no no bad bad bad bad bad no....

OK look, I don't hate Billy Beane. I understand sabermetrics and their value and realize what putting moneyball in to the limelight did for baseball. I also get that rebuilding takes time and that for small market teams competition is a perpetually uphill battle. Benefit of the doubt aside, the A's haven't enjoyed a postseason berth since 2006. That's five completed seasons for a team in a four team division. A team that seems to be an undying state of rebuilding

I'm not supposing that Beane deserves to lose his job, but why would you want to secure the job of the head of a management staff who hasn't won in THIRTEEN CONSECUTIVE SEASONS for another SEVEN YEARS!? Shouldn't he have a little bit of a fire under his ass, so as to prevent consistent manic rebuilding? If Beane's personality resembles Brad Pitt's spazzy disjointed depiction of his, then the A's should be very, very worried about the next half of a decade plus.

Before anyone gets up in arms about this, ask yourself this. If Jim Hendry was depicted by Ryan Gosling in some movie glorifying the modest accomplishments that the Cubs had achieved under his tenure, would he still have his job? Yep! He totally would.  They should have kept him on until 2016, waited on a new stadium, collected revenue and hoped in one hand, while signing a pink slip with the other. If the experiment fails in that amount of time, it's probably time to rebuild the front office, manically.

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