Saturday, February 2, 2013

SIGNED! Manny Parra

To the Reds for $1MM
The once promising Brewers prospect Manny Parra will be staying in the NL Central in 2013 after signing a one year deal with the Cincinnati Reds today.  The 30 year old southpaw wore out the patience of Milwaukee fans and management alike after never really seeming to be able to perform consistently under pressure. Parra's troubles in the clutch paired with a bit of a history of injury made him an expendable part of the Brewer's slash and burn approach to bullpen refurbishment this offseason. The low-risk contract the Reds signed with Parra makes him a logical addition to their bullpen. He has experience pitching within Cincinnati's division and can spot start in a pinch. If the change of scenery helps Parra find his groove he'll be a solid add for the Reds.

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