Friday, February 1, 2013

SIGNED! Lyle Overbay

To the Red Sox on a minor league deal.
Usually I don't write on minor league deals, but Overbay's impact in the Boston lineup could be a pivotal one.  Given the alarming injury discovered during Mike Napoli's contract-dampening physical, having first base depth on the bench is more necessity than luxury. Napoli's ailments aside; at age 37 the team's DH David Ortiz is no spring chicken, Overbay is a more than serviceable back up in case Big Papi needs a day or two of rest. Worst case scenario, Overbay's deal will be a low-risk contract that doesn't pan out to anything significant; but if I had to guess, an American League team that has plenty of veteran players will bring Overbay's bat to Fenway more than a few times this season.

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