Monday, February 18, 2013

Offseason Review: The San Diego Padres

Chase Headley: Future team Captain?
The Padres are doing exactly what they need to do, which is to say "absolutely nothing."  San Diego is well aware of the fact that they aren't really in a position to contend in the NL West right now, so they are biding their time. Spare re-signing Jason Marquis and bringing in veteran righty Freddy Garcia, there hasn't been much at all coming out of the Padres camp.  Internally, they have been smart. Bud Black has had relative success considering the relatively modest talent he's had to work with, so his options were picked up through 2015.

One important development is San Diego's interest in extending third basemen Chase Headley. Headley put up numbers that threw him in to the back end of the MVP discussion in 2012 and has the youth and reputation to repeat those numbers for several more years.  In an era of baseball where even lower budget teams are doing what they can to retain their homegrown stars (ie: the Rays extending Evan Longoria) extending Headley may be a good idea.  If he sustains his efforts he'll be an above average starting third basemen, but if he continues to improve he'll be bordering on superstar status.

Other than that, the Pads have been quiet, and reasonably so. San Francisco just won the World Series and Los Angeles is baring their gold plated fangs, so the theme at Petco Park is "rebuild, rebuild, rebuild."  Anything else would be unreasonable. The Padres are going to finish second last in their division, but several games ahead of the miserable Rockies.

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