Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dark Horse: Jordan Pacheco

This is a new segment of the Codger where I hope to shine some light on some players who aren't necessarily getting the attention I think they deserve.  "Dark Horse" articles will basically be Short write-ups on players like Jordan Pacheco or Brandon Morrow, who have high ceilings and impressive numbers but are overshadowed by flashier players.

The young and versatile Pacheco
In the midst of the Rockies dismal 2012 campaign, the media focus was largely for Colorado's team was largely on the injured Tulowitzki and the revolutionary but largely ineffective pitching strategy being employed by Rockies management.  In the background, 27 year old Jordan Pacheco put up huge numbers.  A lot of eyes were focused on young players like Bryce Harper and Mike Trout putting up absolutely monstrous numbers, leaving Pacheco in a realm of relative anonymity.  Without the incentives of a hope for the postseason or the limelight, Jordan Pacheco hit .309, finishing in the top five of the NL batting race and becoming the first NL rookie to do so since 1974.  What's more is that Pacheco is an extremely versatile infielder.  Aside from being a serviceable at first and third, he's also working to develop as a catcher.  If Jordan Pacheco can work on getting on base just a bit more, I believe he has All Star potential.

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