Monday, January 7, 2013


Alright... It's been a really long time. 

I say that like I ever had plans of returning to this blog, when in actuality it was all but left for dead in my mind. This year has been a shit show and it put my interest in baseball on forcible hold, and blogging about something that I'd have to half ass sounded stupid. Well, the dust has settled and the codger is back. Anyone who could have possibly missed me should be happy I didn't cover last years. What did we miss? John Axford pissed the bed and the annoying Giants won the stupid World Series again. Boring.

For anyone who could possibly care, the format will be essentially the same. I'll review significant contracts (DONTRELLE WILLIS TO THE CUBS, ANYONE?!), major trades, big games and other fun happenings and goings-ons in baseball. The frequency of this codger may be hampered by wedding planning and school, but I'll REALLY TRY to keep up with y'all this time. Thanks for having me. 



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