Saturday, March 3, 2012

Offseason Review: New York Mets

2x Cy Young Award winner Johan Santana returns after an injury plagued 2011 campaign
This has to be the most difficult offseason review to find substance for because the Mets have done very close to nothing. Due to a whole lot of financial turmoil and a suddenly steep level of divisional competition, the Mets activity was essentially rendered paralyzed by practicality.

Ike Davis looks like young Bruce Springsteen, and plays first base for the Mets.
This isn't anything to be mad about. The New York Mets have to focus, with some urgency on rebuilding and defining themselves as a force to be reckoned with in what is quickly becoming the best division in the National League. Not too much logic in the idea of acquiring impact talent from free agency or through trades when there simply aren't enough pieces available to right the ship immediately. Unfortunately for New York, the pragmatic approach to their situation is to accept mediocrity for the short time and focus on drafting well and developing the crap out of the decent young talent in their system. They also NEED to trade David Wright and if Johan Santana looks anything like he used to (he won't) trade him as well.  The haul they could have gotten for Jose Reyes last year would have been enormous, they can't make that mistake again.
Jon Niese. Starter on the 2010 All Rookie team.
So...that's pretty much it. Almost nothing happened. Chris Capuano signed with Los Angeles, Jason Isringhausen signed with the Angels and they re-signed Scott Hairston. Very little to analyze with that. I think the most intelligent thing they did was let Jose Reyes go be the Marlins' problem. I'll get in to that with my next review.  Mets end the season in last place.

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